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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Rimbaud - Une saison en enfer I demonstrate that these adaptations , unfairly neglected, are far from simple clumsy translations: In moving away from the universalist message, the authors refocused their adaptations on an individualist soteriology.

Translated by A.

This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Note : Louis Des Masures c. About News Contact. With your breath so sweet Cool the plain complete, Cool this space and stray, While I labour again As I winnow my grain In the heat of the day.

Then day, renewing, Its labour pursuing, Discloses the light, And with glow diverse Weaves this universe, A vast poem bright. When your lips approach mine, And, close to the bower, I could gather the flower Of your breath divine, When the sigh of that odour, Where tongues, entwined, Moistly frolic, and wind, Fanning my sweet ardour, It would seem I dine With the gods, all is gracious, I drink long, and delicious Draughts of their wine.

If the good that is near Greater good, may so take, Or leave me, why make Mine forever the greater?

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Still less do I wish for the palm they bring, That soft branch adorning Cyprian shore: One alone, that Athens honours more, I wish for, which Heaven has in its granting. O happy bough, that the wise Goddess Chose to keep, to grace her sacred altar, And honour her, the bough that she held dear! Then, let mind grant me the skilfulness To sing of you, for now I hope to render You the equal of immortal laurel, here!

She took her colour from the lily white, Her hair from gold, her lips from the rose, And from the sun her eyes glowing bright. The heavens employed their liberality And in her spirit their seed did enclose, From the gods her name won immortality. Command then the gentlest of Naiads To leave their deep and humid quarters, With you, whom their paternal flood I name, To celebrate with joyous aubades , She, who you, and your flowing daughters, Has deified with her eternal fame. I am the rock of faith, not mutable As the sea, or sky, or winds that blow, And whether to me the seasons show Themselves foul or fair, I am indomitable.

Sooner would diamond learn to soften Of its own will or, carved with a burin Of lead by some engraver, take new form, Than, through fresh good or ill, my heart, In which rests the true subject of my art, Your great worth, its own self transform. O liquid Element! O Skies! O winds! O woods! Rock, plain, and mountain, All desert land, each riverbank and fountain, All that is full and all that empty lies, O demigods!

O nymphs of the trees! O water-nymphs, and every creature, If ever you have felt true sympathy, Deign sorrowfully to hear my sad pleas, Since my faith, my verse, and my amour, Can in my Lady find no trace of pity.

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