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The foremost composer of restoration England, Henry Purcell has been called the greatest setter of English words that ever lived, and although he incorporated Italian and French stylistic elements into his compositions, his voice was unique and considered to be quintessentially English. The instrumental pieces are some of his finest and most familiar. His original orchestration included pairs of recorders, oboes, trumpets, and drums along with a string and continuo group.

The two trio-sonatas on our program—Opus 2, no.

The dates of composition however were probably earlier—they were likely written between and , while Handel was at Cannons. These sonatas are all written in the 4 movement sonata da chiesa form with pairs of movements slow-fast, slow-fast , often linked by half-cadences with the third movement written in a different key.

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Many of the sonatas go outside the range of the 18th-century woodwinds but the G minor sonata HWV fits the compass of the baroque oboe perfectly, and we perform it with this instrumentation. The Concerto a Quattro in D minor has been attributed to Handel but its authorship cannot be verified. Regardless of its origin, the D minor Concerto, with an obbligato cello part at once virtuosic in the second movement and expressive in the third, is a lovely work and a valuable addition to the mixed chamber music of the period.

Tracing the different versions gives us insight into his processes for assembling compositions and his imagination in seeing things in different contexts. Handel wrote the piece at least one other time—as part of the Trio-Sonata Opus 5, no.

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  8. Although published in a collection of trio-sonatas, Handel outfitted this work with the added viola part from his other versions. It is interesting to note the inconsistencies among the 3 versions—accidentals and even phrase lengths vary from one to another. Handel and Telemann maintained a long and close friendship as evidenced by the existence of correspondence between the two. While Telemann was just a teenager he visited Handel in Halle and their relationship continued as their careers blossomed.

    The Nouveaux Quatuors commonly referred to as the Paris Quartets from which our E minor Quartet is taken is one of his best-known collections. The quartets are remarkable not only for their instrumentation—instead of 3 treble instruments with a basso continuo, he gives us an obbligato of flute, violin, and viola da gamba or cello accompanied by the bass—but for their thorough immersion in and mastery of French style. Beginning with a piece in the style of a French Ouverture a slow, dotted introduction followed by a fast section, concluding with the opening material , Telemann follows with movements in the typical form of a Suite but instead of purely dance movements, he gives us character pieces instead.

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    The 2nd movement Gai is really a gavotte and Telemann uses the usual three-part structure with a section in minor, followed by a contrasting section in major and concluding with a da capo. Juditha triumphans. Vorresti, il so, amor tiranno L'estro armonico, Op.

    J. D. Zelenka: ZWV 181 / Sonata n. 3 for oboe, violin, bassoon & b.c. in B flat major / E. Zefiro

    Twelve Violin Concertos, Op. Orlando furioso Ottone in Villa. Pieces for Organ. Qui dat nivem sicut lanam from Lauda Jerusalem. Un certo non so che.

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