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He also had excellent conformation. He was the product of a red male and a blue bitch.

Doberman Pinscher

Sybille's daughter, Heidi v. Silberberg photo above , was influential in transmitting greyhound attributes into the Dobermann breed. Heidi had a narrow front, too much tuck up and a doubtful character. Heidi and her brother, Bayard v. Silberberg were mated together to produce Sybille v. Silberberg, who is granddam to Claus v. Spree see Unfortunately he refused to mate many bitches. He died in Holland at age It is said that his blood is found in every Dobermann pedigree on earth.

Simmenau DZ Lotte v. Simmenau DZ Lux v. Blankenburg DZ Prinz Carlo v. Koningstad DZ Koningstad DZ Prinz Favorit v. Koningstad DZ Ajax v. Oderwald DZ Sigalsburg DZ Alto v. Sigalsburg DZ Mars v. Simmenau DZ Muck v. Brunia DZ All Rights Reserved. Herr Dobermann left with Schnuppe seated.

The oldest Dobermann to be entered in German stud books, as parent stock, are Bosco and Caesi whelped in and respectively. Brought Lady v. This year was marked by the stud book entry requirement of every breeding animal. Through her son, Prinz v. Brought 5 excellent bitches and 6 new stud dogs including the brown Hans v.

Von Roth Dobermanns: History and Development of the Dobermann Breed

Brought the excellent black bitches Cordula v. Aprath NZ Ilm-Athen NZ Langen-Silberberg DZ Marked the beginning of a trend to more refinement of form, darker, richer markings, stabilized size and somewhat less fearsome sharpness.

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Lord v. Marco v. Wendenburg DZ Silberberg DZ Brought the rise of black Ilm-Athen blood vs. Prinz Bodo v. Edelblut v. The Dobermann breed suffered the misery and horrors inflicted by WW1 and it's aftermath. Simmenau DZ Blankenburg DZ Burschel v. Simmenau photo above at undeveloped age of 10 months of age survived the horrors of WW1 and was largely responsible for restarting the Dobermann breed in Germany.


Lotte v. Simmenau photo above had a very nice body and excellent character. She was trained as a police dog. Lux v. Blankenburg photo above was a famous stud and show dog and, according to Mr. Of his best were Alto v. Sigalsburg and Ari v. Fortunately Lux transmitted his virtues more than his faults. Lux had self confidence and sharpness but was also called "rowdy and vicious". After winning many prizes, including Sieger title, he was exported to the USA.

Prinz Carlo v. Koningstad photo above was from Dutch breeding. All the great sires of the early beginnings were found in his pedigree. A judge wrote he had faultless type with outstanding character. This was the most productive year in the history of the breed. At this same time, many of Germany's best Dobermann began to be exported to other countries. Benno v.

He was a large and powerful dog with good character but no famous progeny. He was sold at 5 years to the USA. Alex v. Finohoehe had the best pedigree conceivable and value to transmit but was largely unrecognised by most breeders. Bitches with power to transmit their type were numerous this year and included: Dora v. Wiesengrund , Asta v. Stolzenburg , Blanka Halberstadt and Prinsessin Elfrieda v. Koningstad photo above was a small Dutch bitch who was outstanding in the show ring in the USA.

Prinz Favorit v. Koningstad photo above was a Dutch bred large, well built, brown male.


Ilm-Athen and Marko v. He was a sire of vast and individual potency to the USA gene pool and died at almost 13 years of age. Claus v. Spee , rated the best black male, possessed great undauntedness and was very sharp. As a stud he was most successful in the USA. Brought many good quality dogs, among them, German born Horst v. Stresow who became the modern Dobermann's pioneer in the Soviet Republic.

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Ajax v. Oderwald photo above was a nicely built, small, black male with a fiery character. He was sharp and a real fighter but with courage and hardness - qualities sadly missing in most of today's Dobermann. Roeneckenstein sired by Alex v.