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So nothing abnormal will be able to take root with no reproductive organs there. I trying to gather as much info as its already done and I want to do and take all precautions or alternative measures that I may feel is best suited for me in the future. I want to live my life with the changes within my body and do my best to facillate a long, prosperous, joyful, and healthy body worth living to the fullest. God is my source! On my recent checkup the result of the cyst was a hormonal type and supposedly is termed a possibly cancer.

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So oncologist said it was best to do the surgery. Moving forward its done. He also mentioned chemo oral?? If I choose.. I quickly said Not for me!! The con lusions to me from the test results were inconclusive!! So as far, as Im concern, nothing was found that truly deemed I needed an hysterectomy! Im done!! I told him I will continue to follow up for post surgery care. I just came upon this site as I was looking for info about internal organs changing or shifting after hysterectomy. As I unfortunately, signed off on one out of uncertainty of an having an enlarged cyst on right ovary, along with bleeding and bloating that happened within 1 month and going to Er.

After,ultra sounds and cat scan plus bloodwork all doctors came back with it looks like you will need an hysterectomy for all these symptoms of a 54 yr old post-menopause woman. A biopsy of cervix was taken no cancer cells.

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Sounds good right!? Well, things changed quickly as I woke up to excruciating gas like pain and went to Er the cyst had doubled in size etc.

I cannot change it so as I am still recovering from the surgery performed August 2, I already had 3 ceasearean and this feels someone worse as all my reproductive organs or no more! Thank the Lord, I have 3 daughters and grandchildren. Still I believe that having these organs intact even if you are on or past menopause they still serve our body by skeletal support and even waning hormones from aging ovaries.

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I try to read as much info to prepare my body to compensate for the loss. I pray that I will heal well and take the necessary precautions, exercise,joint supplements,plant hormones if needed etc. I never would have thought I would have gone through this.. There were actually severe complications with my surgery and I nearly died and spent a month in the hospital and a long protracted recovery at home. But now that we are in this fix, is there any help? I am currently taking HRT in an attempt to offset the depression, lack of motivation and sex drive, etc. I am now on Thyroid medication, progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen.

My body stopped making anything when they removed my ovaries. Of course although there is an improvement in my mental health, my migraines and my sex drive has improved I am certainly not the person I was. I will still get an infection occasionally. But the constant bowel problems along with the hips, back pain and of course, the ever present weight gain are still a on-going struggle. Has anyone found anything to improve these problems? Do you have any articles for assistance and survival of the after effects of this terrible affront to our bodies?

Annette, I am so sorry that you too became a victim of this health scam. How horrific that you almost died and spent a month in the hospital! I cannot imagine the trauma of that! Is the testosterone a fairly recent addition? Or have you been taking it for awhile and it may be building up? I have had them since surgery 13 years ago. And a GI doctor I saw 10 months or so post-op had the gall to tell me that it was not caused by the surgery! I can only surmise that he did not want to incriminate a fellow surgeon white coat of silence. I have fairly recently started having what appears to be loss of circulation to my hips which causes pain especially at night.

I am deathly afraid of needing hip replacement. Back exercises may help with the back pain and flexibility. I know it can be especially hard to maintain a healthy weight after hysterectomy. And lack of motivation and love of previous activities only adds to the problem. I wish the best for you as you continue to move forward from this assault on your body and health. Thank you for posting and sharing your story. Hormones Matter would love for you to share your hysterectomy story.

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We need to educate the public about this grossly overused destructive surgery. You should be able to remain anonymous as I did. I had a hysterectomy on April 24, I am struggling with bad hip, shoulder, knee, and back pain, sometimes even in my hands. I have never had anything like this before the surgery, Do you have any suggestions as to what it may be caused from? I am 54, not on any hormone therapy, do I need something?

I am feeling horrible. I am taking black cohosh and maca root. Any direction would be so appreciated. Tina, I am sorry I did not respond earlier. If your surgery was laparoscopic, the gas used to inflate your abdomen can cause pain. However, it seems that all should have resolved by the 2 month mark. Surgical positioning can cause these types of injuries. Of course, the loss of hormones due to ovary removal or post-hysterectomy ovarian failure can cause joint pain.

The ovaries of intact women produce hormones her whole life that affect every cell in her body. Although pharmaceutical hormones cannot replace our bodies own hormones, some women have a hard time functioning without them. It is an individual decision. I heard that there are some side effects occurs after Hysterectomy.

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Is it true? Some would consider the end of periods to be a plus. But there are many more negatives besides the anatomical and skeletal effects explained in this article. I hope this helps. I have my surgery scheduled in three weeks for a supracervical. I am worried now. My problem is my bladder is so squashed and is being irritated by all of this. Also during my periods I have cramps so bad and colon pains so bad now.

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My stomach is swollen from all of this. I am 41 so it has to come out.

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I hate to possibly have to have more surgeries in the future with more fibroids growing. It certainly would seem that a myomectomy could be done but only if you have a surgeon with those skills as well as willing to do this less profitable surgery. That is why it can take some shopping around to find a myomectomy surgeon.

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  • It is also why there is a risk for going into the operating room for a myomectomy and waking up with a hysterectomy. This should be able to be avoided if you make sure the surgical consent form clearly states your wishes of what can and cannot be removed and is signed off by the surgeon. I see so many different stories and experiences regarding a hysterectomy.

    Some have positive stories while others have negative. I am facing having to make this choice. My history, I have stage IV endo which was diagnosed from a previous surgery. For my first surgery, I was rushed into emergency surgery because my ovary was very enlarged and the doctor feared cancer and was prepared to take the ovary.