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Thus he discussed the Iowa Hunger Summit, which he attended. Sailer has a lot of irons in the fire that kindle his advocacy nature. Everywhere I speak, I always talk pigs and bacon!

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Patsche, from Welcome, Minn. Even though she is busy with harvest, which she also blogs about, Patsche still promotes pork, especially through October.

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Also, I will be posting pork-related memes and resharing pork-related blogs throughout the month. Martin County, Minn.

We need to tell the pork industry story, not only in October but all year long. The consuming public wants to know where their food originates, and it is better if they hear directly from those who produce it. Hide comments.

Hofer began his professional writing career in news and sports. For more than twelve years, he served as a correspondent including a term as a regional editor for Soccer America.

Great Smoky Mountains NP: Status of the European Wild Boar Project (Past Field Research on Boar)

Hofer loves traveling the back roads of Ohios Amish Country and has been a frequent visitor to Southern Appalachia and the Great Smoky Mountains since Lucy Teague Mullinax is an accomplished and self-described architectural heritage artist residing in Asheville, North Carolina. Her work expresses her passion for the mountains and rivers of Southern Appalachia and reflects her proud Scots-Irish ancestry. Prints are available at www. Swine in the Smokies.

Smokies park struggling to clamp down on hog infestation

He has sampled a lot of Smokies in his day. They are the Rolls-Royce of sausages, he says.

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Cool now teaches at Chelan High School and does butchering for family and friends. His favorite experience at the lab was quality control—pan-frying sausages as they finished, making sure they turned out right.

That would never fly anymore, he says with a laugh. What we do know is that the lab tweaked the ingredients a few years ago, taking out a few, but everything is still weighed to ensure the right ratio of spices to pounds of meat, Snyder says. Though Cool was part of the operation, Dunn never let him see the recipe.