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Only the heroin kept him calm. Without it, he would come home angry, hit his children, and make their life a living hell. Sometimes he would stay out overnight, hanging out under bridges and behind trash heaps, coming home late at night. One summer, his family grew worried when he did not come home for two days and nights. They looked everywhere for him without success. Finally, another addict told them that Mohammad had an accident and had been taken to the hospital. Early the next morning she went to the hospital and learned that Mohammad had died—his body was already at the morgue. Zolekiha felt lost. Zolekiha felt very alone.

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Everything seemed dark to her, yet she felt responsible for her life and that of her children. She began looking for work, hoping to send her kids to school so they could have a better future.

There was no way she could afford to send her children to school. Her oldest son decided to help out by joining the military.