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For 18 years, he taught diving, sold equipment, certified recreational divers - and dabbled in painting. He oil-painted through his marriage, the loss of his sports store, three children, then the sale of Divers West and his divorce. The western sun blasted awake his senses.

He suddenly noticed shapes and light, colors and patterns everywhere. He studied art in galleries, books and outdoor shows, and sold real estate to survive. He painted every spare moment - seascapes, race horses, women in flowing dresses.

He discovered he liked to paint big - canvases the size of picture windows - and layer color with eye-teasing, impressionistic strokes. Gallery owners encouraged him to stick with it. Life on a shoestring motivated Terry to seek out other painters to share workshop expenses.

The two who responded, accomplished artists Chris Burgeson and George Carlson, catapulted Terry into a new realm. They encouraged him to stretch himself. An elephant he painted for a Republican event pinpointed his market. People wanted his larger-than-life elephants with dramatically crevassed trunks and sunlit ears.

Wow, what a feeling. It was their fourth year as double-runners, which makes me envy their remarkable and memorable friendship. Looking for something with a shorter turnaround? Order a Gift Card! The following turnaround is from the day you place your order to the day you receive it at your door. See Turnaround Times. Looking at other pet portraits on the website we selected the artist which is a wonderful feature and paid a little extra for "rush" service which is also a nice option. Our Paint Your Life artist not only captured our pet with amazing detail but also delivered on the rush service with the painting arriving on Christmas Eve.

We are beyond satisfied with the entire experience from start to finish and recommend to others and order again! We cannot thank you enough! We recommend checking out their website and artwork because it would make a great Christmas gift!

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For Christmas I surprised my daughter with a painting of her cat, and my son and daughter-in-law with a painting of their dog. They all loved their paintings. The artwork was amazing and so true-to-life of the animals.

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The artists really captured them more than we could have ever expected. They were the perfect gifts and I could not have been more pleased.

Paint Your Pet!

I rescued him as a kitten. His mother was left for dead after a dog attacked her. A friend of mine rescued the mother of Tigger and found out she was pregnant. She nursed the mother back to health and she delivers 5 beautiful kittens and Tigger was one of them. Love my Tigger Man ". I cannot believe how realistic and beautiful this painting is! They got her exactly right.

I could never ask for a better gift.

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Now, I will be able to always remember her, exactly the way she is. Thank you so much.

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I had a painting done for her for Christmas and it came out great. As you can tell, she loves it. The painting came out great. I wanted to get her something special for Christmas and this was perfect. My daughter and I are both thrilled with the results. I was able to communicate easily using the Chat feature and the framed portrait arrived in perfect condition and in time for Christmas.

Highly recommend. He was abandoned in an apt and left on the street. I was feeding him for a few weeks and noticed he was getting really sick. I took him to the vet and the rest is history.

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What an amazing boy. Thanks for doing such a great job! She is full of charisma and care. A plump dog with a big personality. This is a tribute to Sadie the bulldog. I wanted a portrait of her. Len did an absolutely great job capturing her. It looks just like the picture. She has been there for me through a tough patch in life and I will always love this painting of my special girl!!

She has been very sad without her. I was hoping this would bring some closure as it seems it has. Great job. Buddy is a 4yr old purebred golden retriever. His bloodline is made up of champion show dogs. I researched it online and chose to paint your life. I am so happy I did! Every so often I catch Buddy looking at himself in the painting.. Thank you so much Chris ".