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Machado believes a lot more in the Padres’ future than he does in the Dodgers’ present.

Events now take place on most nights. The next scheduled event, on Jan. Yekutiel is renting his space from the Mission Housing Development Corporation, a local not-for-profit affordable housing development company that owns the unit family apartment building that the ground-floor commercial space is attached to. More than a dozen neighborhood community leaders came to him gushing about Yekutiel before Moss met him for the first time, he said.

Contact Aiden Pink at pink forward. Contact him at pink forward. Home Share Search. Email Facebook Twitter. Give Advertise Subscribe. J Goldberg. Send to. On this blog, I always talk about doing the hardest thing first. Well, for me, that hard thing seems to be building an audience.

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On the other hand, some people are great at shouting at things or for things and gaining sympathy for their cause. However, when it comes to building a project to help that problem, they fall flat. The same goes for you non-audience builders like me. Everything I write here is intended to look at business, beer, and basketball in a different way. I write on the less obvious information that can make the biggest impact on:.

Paying customers is a giant leap from occasional clickers on the blog. My guest today is impressive. In her words, she puts her hand up for everything. I learned so much from this conversation and I hope you will too. Teresa gave me permission to summarize her thoughts and I think its worth including. She described her college decision as a life lesson. Teresa was involved in numerous extracurricular activities at Oshkosh serving in leadership roles for many of them. Wisconsin Inno 25 Under Survivor Show Find Teresa:. They like to riff on the drugs, sex, and unconscious spending.

The millionaire rappers made good decisions along the way. Booking the right shows, dropping music at the right times, building a stable network, meeting the right people, practicing all the time, sacrificing spending money now for wealth later. It can happen in a year, but nobody wakes up rich. This round has lived up to the hype so far. Each team has big name superstars that are shining in big games. Role players are stepping up to deliver punches. The story lines are on point. With stars on all teams hitting the free agency market this summer, there are large ramifications with the results of this round.

This series has been a delight. Two hot cities to move to for millennials.

A late-game, cold blooded professional in Damian Lillard. Game 3 provided the necessary urge for a larger population of NBA fans to tune-in to this series. The game went to 4 overtimes making it the longest playoff game since Jokic played 64 minutes. CJ McCollum on the Blazers played 60 minutes. The otherwise buried Rodney Hood became a playoff hero off the bench for the Blazers hitting the game winning shot around 1 am Central Standard Time.

Game 4 was another end game performance with the Nuggets edging the Blazers due to Jamal Murray clutch free throw shooting. The dynastic Warriors meet the desperate Rockets in a clash that was predicted centuries ago! But seriously, the Rockets have been scheming to beat the Warriors for the last three seasons. Daryl Morey built this team to do so. Game 1 provided intrigue by way of zebras. There were multiple questionable non-calls on three-point attempts by James Harden. Arguably these would have been shooting fouls during the regular season, in which Harden averaged 11 attempts per game.

The Rockets lost by 4 points. In Game 2, James Harden got clawed in the eyes by Draymond Green, but still put up 29 points in 34 minutes in a losing effort. Kevin Durant put up 46 points in the losing effort. Kevin Durant has been an absolute monster. The Warriors will miss him next season if he decides to go to the Knicks in free agency.

Klay Thompson could also leave essentially blowing the team up. Everything is coming unglued. Joel Embiid has been on and off with illnesses rendering him a shell of his regular season self in 2 of the 4 games. After dominating in Game 3, it looked like the Sixers were going to win Game 4 as well through three quarters. However, Kawhi had other plans. He went for 39 points and 14 rebounds while Ben Simmons and Embiid combined for a mere 21 points and 13 rebounds. Jimmy Butler went off for 29 points, but his teammate, Tobias Harris, went from three.

The Raptors got contributions from Marc Gasol 16 points and Kyle Lowry 14 points , but it really was Kawhi versus the world.

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Will Joel Embiid be healthy enough to return to his normal glory? If not, who will fill his shoes on the Sixers? The first two games were blowouts with each team taking a game. Up and down performances from Kyrie Irving along with Giannis Antetokounmpo breaking the wall the Celtics are building to keep him out of the paint have led to a series lead for Milwaukee. Game 3 was close for the majority of it with the Bucks pulling ahead in the second half of the third quarter.

Marquez-Pacquiao III: Un Robo! Un Robo!

Towards the end of the game, they did everything they could to blow it by playing not to lose and ended up winning by 7 points. George Hill and Giannis got to the rim at will when he was on the court. Also, what a digression from last year for Terry Rozier.

As the ice disappears, climate change is coming for the emperor penguin

He torched the Bucks last postseason. Absolutely atrocious. If they drop Game 4, I can see this series going to 7 games.

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The consequences for both teams getting out of the second round are huge. The Celtics had massive expectations going into the season with healthy Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving back in the lineup. After getting a Bledsoe extension done during the season, the Bucks still have to pay Brook Lopez, Malcolm Brogdon, and Khris Middleton with a dwindling amount of cap space this offseason. Regardless of who sticks around, the franchise will have to save money somewhere and therefore, the bench depth will surely take a hit. Now is the time for the Bucks to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Let it fly! You just need to figure out what you want to do next. The Milwaukee Bucks have an Al Horford problem.

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After watching the last two games at home of this Eastern semifinals series, Al Horford stuck out as a sore thumb. Horford is a match up problem with Brook Lopez. On offense, Lopez has transformed the defense by never leaving the lane and blocking everything. The problem is Horford can hit open threes. One particular play stood out in Game 2. Lopez was down by the basket as Jayson Tatum began to work his way into the lane.

Tatum kicked it out Horford at the three point line. Lopez was so deep in the lane he was never going to make the contest so Connaughton came off Gordon Hayward to contest the three. Horford quickly pump faked and shuffled it to Hayward for a wide open three.

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The Bucks have to contest those shots though because Horford is so efficient. He went 3 for 5 on threes in both games.