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If 'only the forgotten are truly dead' we are sure today will prove Darren Sutherland lives on. If not here in person to inject energy into rooms or.

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Physics Today. Tsui , Charles K. Kao , Yuan T.

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Jin Oriental. He is co-owner of a yoga inspired lifestyleclothing company called Aumnie. For over a decade, Tyler has been splitting his time between Shanghai and New York, becoming the photographer and art director of choice for his knack to transform models into icons. Visit with Todd Anthony Tyler at www. You can find something for every preference.

Love to shower at night? Install a showerhead that features its own lighting. Dislike fiddling with the controls every morning to get just the right temperature? Opt for digital temperature controls that allow for multiple pre-settings for individual users. Focused on conservation? The intelligent toilet features a WASHLET personal cleansing system that uses warm, aerated water for comfort, a warm air dryer and a heated seat. An automatic opening and closing function and auto-flush ensure you never have to touch the toilet.

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The toilet keeps itself and the environment in your bathroom clean with a flushing system that uses an environmentally friendly combination of gravity and highspeed water jets to spin away waste, while an in-bowl catalytic deodorizer helps keep the air. Bathroom ventilation fans serve practical and cosmetic purposes. Ventilation removes moisture and humidity that could promote the growth of mold and mildew, and can help exhaust unpleasant odors. Ventilation fans that sense humidity — such as after someone has taken a long, hot shower — turn on automatically to help remove excess moisture from the room.

Some fans can communicate wirelessly with wall switches or with an app that allows you to control the fan from your smartphone. Now you can kit out your smart bathroom with mirrors that. Refrigerated medicine cabinets are perfect for preserving delicate drugs and cosmetics, and you can find both mirrors and medicine cabinets with built-in USB ports for charging your devices. Of course accessories can be additions that put any bathroom over the top, and you never have to settle for ordinary accessories in your smarter bathroom.