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Visit rounds, attended by all of the fellows along with medical residents and students on rotation and two attending physicians, are held four mornings each week.

Clinical Endocrinology MSc

These are considered a highlight of the first year of fellowship and allow the fellows to learn from the cases seen by the other fellows. Over 30 faculty attending physicians with expertise in the subspecialties of endocrinology rotate through the Visit Rounds in pairs over the year, providing extraordinary depth in teaching. Outpatient Experience Fellows are exposed to extensive outpatient experience in endocrinology. Pediatric endocrine experience is also available as an elective.

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Patients are seen with staff supervision by faculty who are expert in that particular endocrine subspecialty in each of these practices. Fellows see patients weekly at the following subspecialty practices: Diabetes Clinical Center Endocrine and Osteoporosis Associates Lipid Associates Neuroendocrine Clinical Center Reproductive Endocrine Associates Thyroid Associates Conferences First-year fellows attend and participate in formal teaching conferences.

Basic Medical Endocrinology

In July, a series of clinically oriented core lectures are provided as a part of fellowship orientation. In August, an introduction to research available throughout the division is provided to familiarize fellows with the choice of research areas for the subsequent two research years. During the year, Fellows make presentations at didactic conferences listed below, giving them experience in organizing and leading a conference.

In addition, the fellows gain teaching experience by playing a major role in the clinical teaching of medical students and residents on the endocrine elective. The research faculty of our subunits collaborate closely.

The research training program draws on the expertise of the Endocrine Faculty as well as that of our postgraduate trainees. Each second-year fellow works specifically on one or more projects selected from one of the collaborating units. Research training includes: Weekly research conferences involving members of the training faculty and guest speakers; Journal clubs held each week, involving members of the cooperating units and the trainees; Intensive mentor-based instruction and guidance in individual research projects chosen by the trainees and supervised by individual faculty members.

These projects are designed to lead to independence in research and serve as a transition to investigator-initiated programs. The Second Fellowship Year Second-year fellows write a grant appropriate for their level of training and experience under supervision of a research mentor. Log out Cancel.

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  8. Home Endocrine conditions. Endocrine conditions Endocrine conditions are medical conditions that occur when the endocrine system does not function correctly.

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