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If 'only the forgotten are truly dead' we are sure today will prove Darren Sutherland lives on. If not here in person to inject energy into rooms or.

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It just seemed mean and rude. But, a lot of other people in the town didn't like the blacks much, so she wasn't surprised. Big Jim had been saying those things since she could remember. Have a good day at school, and don't get in any trouble. I mean it young lady," cautioned her domineering father. Stacy sighed, he said that all the time. Stacy got her books and headed into school.

There she was greeted by her many friends. The crowd seemed to part when she entered, in appreciative recognition.

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Stacy loved that. It was a normal high school day as Stacy enjoyed her senior status.

The teachers all loved her so much they would never give her a bad grade, so it was never really a issue what she got on tests. Still, she studied hard and made a point to earn her grades. No one liked a free loader. Stacy's last class of the day was her biology class, with Mr. For today's class, he was splitting up the class to work in pairs on a project, that was due next week. Damien Jones was a football player, a black football player.

He was a star linebacker, college scouts often watched him at games.

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However, he was a horrible student, and Stacy groaned as she realized she would have to do most of the work. Oh well, she was up to it she thought, as she headed over to Damien's desk. Damien Jones was a linebacker by physical definition, if nothing else. He was 6'4 and muscled pounds.

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His skin was as black as Stacy's was white, and he wore his hair in tight rows. In his ear was a diamond earring and around his neck was a silver chain, as shiny as anything Stacy had at home. His red varsity jacket did little to hide his muscular bulk.

Stacy was surprised how little he cared, usually boys were drooling by now. For the rest of class, Stacy told him about the project. It was obvious to her that Damien was going to do little if any work. After a while, he finally spoke up. Henry looks like a horse? She had always thought that too! McCormick, please get back to work," warned Mr. Henry, who heard her laugh. Henry," said Stacy, smiling at Damien. Stacy would have been somewhat offended by being called that by anyone, but the way Damien said it It was a friendly term, backed up by charm and confidence.

She smiled at the word, and the Damien looked her square in the eyes. No boy ever did that.

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Then the bell rang. Oh, and that's a real nice blue skirt you're wearing, matches them eyes," said the towering football player, as he headed for the door.

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Stacy liked the compliment, it meant more to her than the usual one. She felt good, even though Damien was uninvolved, she still managed to gain his attention. Over the next week, the two worked together in class. Damien contributed little, but Stacy loved the way he talked. He was funny, smart, and kind of crude. Best of all, he wasn't scared of Stacy, he talked to her like he was the one in charge. Stacy soon did little work, she liked talking to Damien instead.

The project was due Friday. On Wednesday night, as Stacy did her math homework in her room, her cell phone rang. She grabbed it, didn't recognize the number, and answered. This one was exceptionally naughty, Damien told her about what girls were having sex with what players. It was great gossip, and Stacy loved the feeling about knowing all this dirty information.

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Then, a knock at her door. It was a heavy thump, her father. I think your Dad just hates poor black folk like me, trying to our best. But I'm not, I don't have anything against black people, honest! Anyway, I'll see you at school tomorrow. No doubt Damien was offended by her racist father.

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The next day, Stacy sat next to her project partner. Stacy gave him a confused face. I'll be honest Stacy, all that trouble with you father last night, it got me real depressed. I couldn't really get any work done. So I was wondering, since we don't have enough time today in class, if we could head over to your place after school and finish it up there. Although there was no one at the house since her mother was visiting relatives and her father didn't get home until 7, there was no way she was going to bring a boy into the house.

Her Dad would kill her. And, to top it off, he was black Here, I'll try to finish the work here.. I mean, I know your Dad hates my people and all, but I thought maybe you could do things according to what you thought, not what your father tells you. If I was a rich white boy, you know I would be coming over, no problem.

He was so powerful, so dominant, that it was hard for Stacy to resist his request. She began to think of it, think about how her Dad unfairly ruled her life, think how stupid and how racist he was. Yes, she should invite Damien over, she was 18, she could make her own decisions.

Besides, he wouldn't be back from work for another 5 hours, her and Damien would be done with their work in 2. Sure, it would work out. Can I get a ride? She didn't want to advertise the fact there was someone coming home with her, even if it was just an innocent project. Damien was waiting, and he hopped in the passenger seat.