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If 'only the forgotten are truly dead' we are sure today will prove Darren Sutherland lives on. If not here in person to inject energy into rooms or.

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How can we change this? Measuring what matters. A look at how we can best utilize precision across the board in health care. And, with American women having fewer babies and at older ages than at any time in the past 30 years, new approaches to fertility need to be addressed. Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you touch before bed? Do you love your phone but also kind of hate it? Science journalist Catherine Price explains how our phones and apps are designed to manipulate our biochemistry.

Learn how to create a long-term and sustainable relationship with your phone. Our bad habits are expensive.

Bruno Fenster Saves the World: And Still Has Time for Breakfast

Consider smoking and obesity, both of which lead to staggering health care costs globally. A mindful presentation on how we can train our brains and kick bad habits, from overeating to smoking to too much technology. Gene editing has the potential to eliminate genetic diseases, make crops more nutritious, and target viruses like HIV, but at what cost? What are the implications of designing our world on a molecular level? Gun violence. Each of these epidemics has a uniquely American flavor. How do we change the conversation about health behaviors in this country? Should the government do more—or less—than it has?

And, how can corporations have a positive influence on public health and well-being? From life-changing sleep, to digital treatments and therapies, to daily care rituals including oral and sleep hygiene—upstream strategies are focused on being proactive rather than reactive, modifying our behaviors in order to improve our health. How are companies using connected technology platforms and highly accurate data in sleep, healthcare, and consumer products to help us move upstream?

Hear from experts revolutionizing health care by adding meaningful value and helping us live healthier lives effortlessly. Groundbreaking science is often fueled by a sense of curiosity and commitment to the public welfare. But the search for pioneering medicines can also arise from more personal motivations. This process combines an oncologic drug antibody conjugated to a dye that is activated by nonthermal red light illumination to induce rapid tumor cell death. But as the advances—from 5G to quantum computing—come with breakneck speed, will they reshape health care or simply bloat its cost?

And, how can we overcome the barriers to technology adoption? How can entrepreneurs find funding, understand the marketplace, and foster innovation within their companies? And, how can nonprofit organizations stay true to their mission while forging ahead?

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A roundtable discussion on how to turn an idea into a successful business model. But instead, physicians already experiencing epidemic levels of burnout complain about clumsy, unintuitive systems and the number of hours spent clicking, typing, and trying to navigate them. Critics say the computerization of workflows has stifled human communication in health care settings.

All the while, patients struggle to access their complete medical record. Can we train or innovate our way out of this mess, or does the U. Imagine a world where all your critical health data is safe from cyberattacks and affordable pharmaceuticals are available at the swipe of your finger. One in five Americans will experience a mental illness in a given year, according to the CDC.

The stigma surrounding mental health makes it one of the most difficult medical issues to address. Enter the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.

This FDA-approved, patient-directed technology, when used for 20 minutes once or twice a day, has been effective in treating depression, anxiety, and insomnia without medication. A live demo. A discussion between Dr. Lloyd Minor of Stanford Medicine and Arianna Huffington of Thrive Global about how their collaboration is going upstream, intervening to address mental health issues before they become more serious. A conversation about how technology can help diagnose mental disorders sooner, identify optimal treatments faster and ultimately help more people lead healthier, happier lives.

How do we strike the right balance in using tech for good and controlling our devices, rather than the other way around? The health care sector is ground zero for some of the biggest advances in tech today.

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Everything from blockchain to artificial intelligence and cloud computing has a place in the health care ecosystem. A conversation about where the smart money is and how investors should bet on the newest tech in the health care space. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40, actress Edie Falco says she felt frozen, paralyzed by the battle ahead of her. One year later, the Sopranos star found herself cancer-free and ready to start a family.

Join us for an intimate conversation with the Emmy winner about how she beat cancer. Hosted by Royal Bank of Canada From putting money into sustainable startups to investing in companies that prioritize societal health, what are the new opportunities and models in growing companies with an eye toward the greater good, and what have we learned from past missteps?

Policing National Security As countries deploy new technologies to combat ever-morphing threats, concerns about privacy and justice rise to the fore. Closed circuit cameras, facial recognition software, A. But who is policing the algorithm? What biases in the data sets are we passing on into the justice system and, as the U.

Banking on the World Top finance leaders look to the future on global growth, risk, innovation, and the wealth gap. There are two groups within the global economic system today: those that predict slowing growth and difficult times ahead and others that believe the world is on even keel. Political rhetoric and aggregate economic data tell one story, while global financial liquidity tells another.

To the warning cry of chief economists and central bankers around the world of an oncoming slowdown in the global economy, is the rallying cry of those who have the pulse of the real economy, producing actual goods and services. Are the goods we consume still being shipped and bought, be it shampoos and beauty products in a world terrified about being on the brink of a trade war or a downturn?

Fine-tuning TV Can this innovator beat the tech behemoths at their own game? ITV has morphed. The woman at the helm knows a thing or two about innovating and creating success stories that fly high. So can she shake off the idea that TV is dead and beat the tech behemoths at their own game? Future Proof: A.

The promise of A. Yet only a small portion are actually implementing it, and even fewer are doing so extensively. With the explosion in mobile phones and banking, the dream of a cashless and digital society is pushing entrepreneurs to dream big and dream global. But, how can Africa and its entrepreneurs ensure progress is inclusive and innovation helps entire segments of the population still struggling to fulfill basic needs? Fighting The Hard Fight Data protection, judicial cooperation and cross-border terrorism, online terror content, and MeToo—How many battles does it take to defend European democracy?

As the dark side of technology permeates every facet of society, Europeans are facing their biggest battle. How do you protect democracy? General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR was a hard-won fight, but a necessary one for a woman passionate about ensuring injustice of any kind in Europe is a thing of the past and that all citizens have the protection they need to embrace technology and the world without compromising their freedoms.

To The Moon And Back How one woman looked within and found outward success to reclaim her voice Beautiful, surreal, wild, harmonic, alien.

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These are the words Alison Sudol uses to describe her first love, music. But her story is one of journeying to the stars, retreating from the attention that came with it, seeking help, and finding her way back to her roots with a new voice. Banking on a Digital Future What a customer wants is central to a frictionless future of banking in a digital world. Continuing on the theme of innovation to meet customer demand, the banking industry is seeking to streamline the user experience and offer simple-to-navigate tools.

Bank Leumi and Barclays are on the forefront of the digital-only banking revolution; in fact, both are now eyeing a gigantic market—the U. A Vision For Funding Innovation From looking for the biggest returns, to looking for innovators with a sustainable vision, funding for entrepreneurs is changing in nature and so are the actors involved. Is the funding environment for innovators and startups changing? Is the make-up of who gets funded changing, too? How do they ensure they are also being inclusive as the world rushes toward a digital future? And is their approach to funding and the funded changing as fast as the environment around them?

Trading with the World Political uncertainty and brewing trade wars are creating challenges for the global economy, but can it also ferment opportunities? In an interconnected world, these growing tensions, both domestic and international, present a clear and present danger. There are knock-on effects of business investment being hit and global growth being stifled. What are the challenges ahead for Europe and the U.

And is there a silver lining of opportunities to be found amidst these dark clouds? Her path could have ended there, but it took a different turn.

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This filmmaker has turned the lens on the double standards in her own culture and the impact on women and children. Conscious Luxury How does an iconic brand stay timeless in a digital age? The Great Balancing Act South Asia has had a tumultuous year, but for one of the most populous parts of the world, the battle to balance conflicting issues is a constant one.

Multiculturalism, global competitiveness and growth , employment, inclusion, and security are constantly jostling with each other.