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In psychology , the black sheep effect refers to the tendency of group members to judge likeable ingroup members more positively and deviant ingroup members more negatively than comparable outgroup members.

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In most sheep , a white fleece is not caused by albinism but by a common dominant gene that switches color production off, thus obscuring any other color that may be present. A black fleece is caused by a recessive gene, so if a white ram and a white ewe are each heterozygous for black, in about 25 percent of cases they will produce a black lamb.

In fact in most white sheep breeds, only a few white sheep are heterozygous for black, so black lambs are usually much rarer than this. The term originated from the occasional black sheep which are born into a flock of white sheep. Black wool was considered commercially undesirable because it could not be dyed.

The idiom is also found in other languages, e. In , Marques, Yzerbyt and Leyens conducted an experiment where Belgian students rated the following groups according to trait-descriptors e. The results provided support that the favorability is the highest for likeable ingroup members and the lowest for unlikeable ingroup members, whereas the favorability of unlikeable and likeable outgroup members is between the both former ones.

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This effect has been shown in various intergroup contexts and under a variety of conditions, and in many experiments manipulating likeability and norm deviance. A prominent explanation of the black sheep effect derives from the social identity approach social identity theory [11] and self-categorization theory [12]. Group members are motivated to sustain a positive and distinctive social identity and, as a consequence, group members emphasize likeable members and evaluate them more positive than outgroup members, bolstering the positive image of their ingroup ingroup bias.

Furthermore, the positive social identity may be threatened by group members who deviate from a relevant group norm.

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In addition, Eidelman and Biernat showed in that personal identities are also threatened through deviant ingroup members. They argue that devaluation of deviant members is an individual response of interpersonal differentiation. Even though there is wide support for the black sheep effect, the opposite pattern has been found, for example, that White participants judge unqualified Black targets more negative than comparable White targets e.

For instance, the higher the identification with the ingroup, and the higher the entitativity of the ingroup, the more the black sheep effect emerges.