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Cardi b as a music teacher 😂

More filters. Sort order. Ryan rated it did not like it Sep 06, Alex rated it liked it Aug 26, Pavel marked it as to-read Jun 19, Jared marked it as to-read Jan 02, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Laddas ned direkt. Skickas inom vardagar. Becoming a Choral Music Teacher: A Field Experience Workbook, Second Edition is a choral methods textbook that prepares students in Music Education to become middle school and high school choral music teachers.

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It emphasizes important musical skills, vocal pedagogy and repertoire suitable for secondary school choirs in order to provide future teachers with the critical experiences to be effective. A younger child may work more slowly and an older child may be able to complete the books with little teacher-direction at a faster pace.

The marking pages at the front of each book have columns for written comments and a sticker reward for each page. The column for ticker rewards is meant to be used only after a page is completed, including all corrections.

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  7. The marking pages will reflect the child's progress and show at a glance the pages that need more work. Most pages include audio tasks that should be completed with the pages. The CD's reinforce and further teach the concepts on the page while training the child to hear and use the written material.

    At the end of each track a "secret word" is given. The child should write this word beside the audio track number to show that he or she has listened to it. Bullets highlight the written tasks on each page. Children are invited to check off the bullet for each task as it is completed. A certificate at the end of each book may be signed by the teacher and awarded when the child has completed the book.

    The warm-up exercises include syllable songs, jingles, and exercises using the finger staff and keyboard. Memorization and accuracy of these exercises could be tested during pre-rehearsal activities. Choristers should be encouraged to practice warm-ups; a box is provided beside each example to add a sticker reward for those who perform them well by memory.

    Some Tips for Inspired Choral Rehearsals

    You won't achieve great things while flailing about in paperwork nor partake of true musical artistry by folly. Success requires a concrete plan of action: a big-picture plan followed by all the little details that, together, create a complex mosaic that forms a beautiful and intricxate picture of choral excellence. This practical text offers a wealth of information for running a choral program. The two successful veteran teachers offer advice for dozens of solutions to issues facing the choral director.

    Dr Scott Fredrickson : Popular Choral Handbook Review: This handbook contains more than pages of techniques and concepts for pop, jazz, and show choir style and interpretation that have been proven effective through years of use in graduate schools and choral-conducting seminars and workshops. The handbook comes with two CDs containing numerous musical examples notated in the book. Topics include: developing the appropriate choral tone, rehearsal techniques, conducting, chord tuning, rhythmic intensity, melodic interpretation, repertoire selection, programming decisions, and much more.

    Songlist: Aura Lee, Awake, Arise! Two of the world's top choral directors working with young members of The American Boychoir and the Newark Boys Chorus made music together before an audience of choral musicians from around the world.

    Crescendo Music Education

    Body, Mind, Spirit, Voice shows how Dr. Anton Armstrong of St. Olaf College in Minnesota and Dr. Andre Thomas of Florida State University melded a group of young people into an amazing musical instrument. This is also the story of how the arts can inspire and instruct, helping young people learn the values of hard work, responsibility and self-confidence. The documentary, directed by Emmy Award-winning producer Robert E. Frye and edited by Markus Peters, is a lesson for all to witness and behold the joy of the experience. The naturally human propensity to use body movement to emphasize ideas and to send clear and specific messages, with or without speech, is explored and clearly demonstrated, and conducting instruction on the video emphasizes the entire body as the vehicle of communication.

    The video includes some of the most common "mixed" or "blurred" messages that conductors can unintentionally send, immediately followed by motions consistent with intent. Dozens of unrehearsed demonstration with middle school, high school, and church choirs show the universal applicability of theses concepts.

    Crescendo Music Education Memberships

    When properly and consistently applied, the techniques on this video will result in better communication between singers and conductor, and vastly more efficient use of rehearsal time. Based on rhythm as the primary factor that bridges what we hear with what we do, Eurhythmics can be used in the choral setting to develop rhythmic independence in the singers, inner hearing, and the nuances in music. Through Dalcroze Eurhrythmics, singers can enjoy the benefits of purposeful expressive movement to enhance choral rehearsals and performances.

    This 1-hour DVD provides detailed approaches to the use of Eurhythmics within the classroom or rehearsal setting and offers a guide to building choral artistry through movement. Jerry Blackstone : Working With Male Voices Review: Jerry Blackstone and the University of Michigan Men's Glee Club covers topics such as music-based choral tone including repertoire and the musical challenges inherent therein determining the vocal precedures needed to communicate the composer's intent.

    Also rehearsal warm ups which utilize different timbres and which present particular challenges for the singing male such as tessitura, register changes and vowel color. Intonation issues are also addressed with a discussion followed by a demonstration of warmups and rehearsal techniques. In addition to sharing his expertise in interviews, the Maestro reheares Durufle and Lauridson with university singers. This DVD allows the viewer to experience his artistry from a choir member's perspective. For many years, Paul Salamunovich has been creating just about the lovliest choral singing this side of heaven.

    This DVD provides a look behind the scenes from which we can learn what drives his quest for choral excellence and how he achieves it. At the heart of his Vision of choral music lies the rich repertory of gregorgian chant which he first learned as a boy soprano, providing a true and solid foundation for good singing in a whole range of styles. A Salamunovich is always honest and true to the composer, but beyond that, transformed by the the light of the spirit and the warmth of inner beauty which Paul has the rare ability to reveal.

    Paul is an unforgettable man, musician, conductor, and teacher who enriches every life he touches. This very Welcome DVD will help to ensure that his legacy endures. Suited for choirs of all levels.


    There are helpful hints and ideas for every choral director and is geared for maintaining student interest and maximizing their musicianship. This program is a first-class presentation showing actual footage of Dr. Robinson in workshop events as he teaches directors creative rehearsal techniques. You will see him discuss the challenges of today's choral classroom with candor and humor, while addressing the real problems directors face and presenting practical solutions. This is a video designed for the director, not the student, and is instructional in nature.

    About 45 minutes in length, this piece provides a "workshop in a box," which directors and teachers can watch at home, in seminar situations, or in college methods classes. Finally a practical help for conductors of all levels! But what does it really mean to be a student leader? How can they make a difference? In this brilliant DVD, master clinician Tim Lautzenheiser speaks to the students of the Central Bucks West High School choir and band about how to bring leadership thinking into their everyday lives and music making.

    He offers a clear perspective of what is possible when young leaders choose excellence as the foundation of their leadership mission.

    James Jordan encourages these same students to keep focus on why they connect through music, and on the rewards that come from those connections. And together, James and Tim discuss the risk-taking that is needed by both conductor and ensemble when true music happens. This DVD is a companion to the definitive choral methods text The School Choral Program, which breaks new ground in choral music education and provides choral directors with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and at the podium. Weston Noble : Achieving Choral Blend Through Standing Position Review: For over fifty years, Weston Noble has lectured on his principles of choral blend that can be achieved through a process of matching voices to create beautiful, almost seamless choral sound.

    Thousands have benefited from this lecture over the years. Now for the first time, Weston Noble's lecture has been recorded for choral conductors to study and analyze so they can apply these principles to their choral ensemble, regardless of experience. By using the principles presented, not only will the sound of the choirs improve, but conductors will also realize an immediate improvement in intonation and rhythmic clarity in their ensembles. In addition to the principles Weston Noble has used to achieve optimum standing of his singers, he discusses the following important issues: - beginnings and history of his experimentation with standing arrangements - Robert Shaw's use of this system rather than "quartet standing" for creating vertical sound columns in the choir -mimimizing vibrato in choirs using effective standing procedures - improving the singers' ability to hear each other - use of "altos in front" choral arrangement to vastly improve intonation - use of the "flip-flop" to achieve different choral colors.

    Now they have joined together and written a new musical literacy curriculum that will teach children to master the basic components of musical literacy--theory, ear training and sight-singing. The series will consist of six workbooks, three which are currently available.