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Compassion 4. Discomfort 5. Be Leader of Your Own Life.

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If Lance, the quiet, deaf underdog from rural Montana, could push himself out of his comfort zone, day in and day out, what is your excuse not to? Lance will challenge and train your sales team to detach their self-worth from outcomes, empowering them to be more daring, gritty, creative and resilient, knowing that if they function from a place of integrity, they can never fail.

The concept of Team, implies sacrifice, but Lance saw at an early age, within a socialist utopian society, why the altruistic idea of team has only a small chance of ever being truly achieved.

He learned how to apply that early experience and use it in his basketball career, to find a true successful win-win environment within his teams across the globe. Your team will be Lethal. This presentation is specifically targeted to high school student-athletes, their parents, coaches and athletic directors. For the college bound athlete, the future looks bright and their path paved with promise. Yet, there are many aspects to that collegiate and professional dream that many players, parents and coaches are just not aware of.

With a world of experience through the political and business side of sports, both collegiately and professionally, Lance will take your student-athlete through the pitfalls and angles to which they need to enter with eyes wide open, for dreams can quickly turn into nightmares. Highly informative, honest and blunt, yet inspiring, Lance will give you the wisdom and knowledge that he wishes he would have been informed with in his teenage years.

All athletes, those with the intention to play collegiately or not, and their parents, are strongly encouraged to attend this invaluable session. Little Giant Due to his size and hearing loss, Lance was a Giant target of intense bullying throughout his childhood to such extremes that he frequently struggled with crippling depression. He has shared his story and impacted hundreds of kids throughout his home state of Utah, letting them know how to overcome and rise above such adversity, and to importantly proactively combat it. This truth allowed Lance to excel as a student and an athlete, as he was an Academic All-American in college.

Lance gets everyone outside of black and white thinking and helps the audience to not only understand the history of polygamy and Mormonism but also the wide array and spectrum of personalities within polygamy and how those various polygamist groups are as vastly different from one another as Catholicism is from Protestantism. Furthermore, how even the individual believers in their various groups, are not as unified nor black and white thinking as we would otherwise believe them to be, with most media coverage only focusing on the extremes.

Here is what they had to say: "We received great feedback from the audience regarding Lance, which only affirms the measure of his success in maintaining a captive and engaged audience. His level of professionalism, coupled with his charisma and appeal, radiated confidence and enthusiasm to our audience- keeping the ceremony entertaining for us all. COM: What kind of special prep work do you do prior to an event?

How do you prepare for your speaking engagements? I have so many stories of basketball from playing around the world, that I can usually find any story in my experiences, to draw parallels with the pain points of any company.

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The power of the sports metaphor is lasting. People understand sports metaphors, so I am fortunate in that I have trunks full of memories and stories, but more importantly, I have the gift and knack of being able to relate them and help people learn about themselves. It is not my job to make people learn about me, but rather, to help them learn about themselves. It was the perfect Christmas gift to know that not only can I impact executives at Fortune meetings, I can make a difference in the lives of hardened criminals, trying to give themselves another shot.

COM: What types of audiences would most benefit from your message? My TEDx Talk, is applicable to anyone. My stories and experiences, as eclectic as they are, via polygamy, hearing loss, basketball, adversity, allow me to connect with any audience. The essence of leadership is perseverance. The essence of perseverance is grit. The essence of grit is choice. Do you choose to get back up, one more time, every time?

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COM: Which of your keynote speaking topics are your favorites and why? ALLRED: The Principles of Perseverance are always my favorite, because I get to show these twists and turns of my very different life, and empower people along the way to choose to be leaders of their own lives.

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COM: What inspired you to start doing speaking engagements? I was being pigeonholed into that role at the time, but the skills I gained are enabling me years later to make more money than I ever did as a basketball player. During my book tour with HarperCollins in , I realized I was good at speaking — not just speaking to kids at schools, but also to adults, and I developed a real passion for it. With that experience I knew I would be able to phase into it, with tons of hard work once I was ready to retire from basketball, knowing that as far as deaf, polygamist kids making the NBA, I sort of had that market cornered.

Rating Entries. Not only is he one of the most authentic individuals I have had the privilege of working with, he offers a unique perspective based on his powerful life experiences. After hearing him speak, I feel more focused on how I can be more authentic in all of my interactions, and how to be guided by the belief that anything truly is possible. He can remind you of all the basic skills you have within yourself to achieve whatever it is your heart is calling. I have never experienced this from any keynote speaker before.

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